Systems Software Engineer (Rust/C/C++)

We are looking for a systems-software engineer who is passionate about developer technologies and changing how the world tests and runs software. You will join a growing team with decades of collective industrial and research experience in developer tools.

Skills sought

We seek curious and independent people ready to become involved with every part of product development. This position is focused on the lower-level portions of our software stack, and this requires experience with systems programming and systems languages, i.e. C/C++ or Rust. Familiarity with low-level Linux systems software is required. We regularly deal with binary instrumentation, system call interfaces, Linux kernel idiosyncracies, and so on. Experience with emulators, binary code, VMs and the like would be a plus.

You should be comfortable with modern infrastructure essentials like AWS, Docker, microservices, CI, etc. and have passable sysadmin skills. Ability to work independently as part of a distributed development team is essential.

This full-time position carries an option for remote work (within the U.S.), but geographic proximity to Philadelphia, Indianapolis, or Bloomington, IN would be preferred. During a ramp-up phase we will work on site together at a higher rate (25-50% travel), after which in-person team meetups will be less frequent.


  • Competitive salary & fringe benefits
  • Significant early-stage stock options
  • Flexible working hours and vacation time


Email your resume to and please include the string "software-engineer-sp19" somewhere in your message. Let us know why we might be a good fit for you, and share links to your previous work, such as running websites/services or open source contributions.

Wherever you are currently viewing this job description, you can also find it on our website here:

About Cloudseal

Cloudseal is an early-stage startup accelerating the software testing and release life cycle by improving reliability and ensuring developers can replicate any error, any time, anywhere. We are a growing team with decades of collective experience contributing to developer tools, including developer products at Intel and Microsoft.

For engineers: Cloudseal is a spin-out from academic research on reliable (deterministic) software execution. Our core technology is a new containerization mechanism for Linux/x86 programs that enables functional tests that never flake and reliable reproducers for errors. If you like advanced technology and melding high-level ideas with low-level systems software, then you and Cloudseal may be a good fit for each other.